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101: Melina

In Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Melina dreams of becoming a wildlife photographer and traveling the world. As she explores the park across the street from her apartment she discovers crabs, fish, and squirrels and realizes she doesn’t need to go far to find wildlife. Melina interviews the National Geographic photographer, Ami Vitale, who advises her to start by taking photos in her own backyard.

All American Kids aims to give children a multicultural understanding of what it means to be American by providing an inside glimpse into the lives of kids across the U.S. The show’s target audience (ages 6–10) is curious about the world around them but doesn't always have the opportunity to meet kids outside of their own communities. Through this series young audiences will have the chance to do just that!

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102: Laila

Laila lives in the Jemez Pueblo and speaks both of her parents’ indigenous languages in addition to English. Her family celebrates feast day by dancing in the public square and gathering to eat together. Laila’s main passion in life is baseball. She wants to be the first female MLB manager when she grows up. She meets Glenallen Hill, the manager of the Albuquerque Isotopes, and impresses him with her extensive knowledge of the game.

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